About Me

Hi fellow dog owner or soon to be owner!

I decided to make this website to help anyone looking for more information on Doodle dogs, doodle breeders or puppies but of course, I had more thought behind this goal.

Me with my two dogs, Fluffy (left) and Teddy (right)

My parents have given me a lot growing up. They both don’t speak fluent English, as they are German-born and raised.

Obviously, I’m German too but they took actions that would later in life give me options that they never had. Through speaking English alone I am at an advantage.

They hired English tutors from before I even started Kindergarten which means that I like to refer to English as my second first-language. I honestly even like English better than German as I find it a lot easier to express myself.

Anyway, the point is that my parents supported me and gave me so many opportunities that now I want to give something back to them.

My mum, brother and I recently inherited a house, or rather a ruin I should call it and the money that I make with my website is going to be invested in tearing down the old ruin and building a new house for my parents.

I also recently started a Youtube channel about Doodles and my own Aussiedoodle puppy, Teddy. Check me out there if you’re more into watching videos rather than reading articles.

What’s My Story?

I currently live in the outskirts of Berlin but when I was younger we had to move a lot for my dad’s work, which is also why my brother and I got into a private international school for free (his work paid for it).

I then started making international friends from all over the world which helped me learn about other cultures first hand but also gave me a chance to perfect the one thing we had in common, speaking English.

I actually hated private school with classes consisting of 8 students but was a lot happier when later I could be invisible in a public school class of 30 kids or more.

My family bought our first ever dog when I was around 7 or 8 and since then I learned a lot about puppies and dogs and all the challenges you face on the way to becoming a good dog parent.

A dog is there for you and loyal in a way that no human is which is what I always loved about dogs. They’ll love you unconditionally and if you tell them secrets you can be certain that no-one will ever find out.

A life-long dream of mine, getting my own dog, has also recently been fulfilled as I wanted a dog that was focussed on me as their primary owner (and not my mum).

Finally, I got my Aussiedoodle puppy shortly before my 20th birthday and couldn’t be happier with my little monster.

I enjoy learning new things and teaching myself (with a little help from other people) how to build and make a website successful. It has become my latest passion and gets me excited every morning.

That’s me in a nutshell.

My Personal Bucket List

  • Go to a Robbie Williams Concert (COMPLETE- I’ve been a fan ever since I was young and have always wanted to see him perform live. I finally made that dream come true in the summer of 2017 when he performed in Berlin)
  • Go on a trip without my parents (COMPLETE- I went on my first alone vacation without any family when I was 16. A close friend and I flew to Greece by ourselves.)
  • See/touch a glacier (COMPLETE- I went on a roundtrip with my parents through Denmark, Sweden and Norway in the summer of 2018 which is when we visited the Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway. Truly a view I will never forget.)
  • Own a dog and take him everywhere! (GETTING THERE- I recently got a puppy but I am yet to take him everywhere. I’m extremely excited to see how he reacts to the beach!)
  • Build/renovate a house (GETTING THERE- An old ruin has recently come into our possession and I’m already making plans for it. I love recycling so I’m planning to use the old stones of the house to build the new house.)
  • Help my parents buy a house (GETTING THERE- If you’re reading this then you can clearly see that I have a website and am working hard on making it successful to finish this bucket list item.)
  • Visit every country in Europe (GETTING THERE- I’ve currently been to 15 of them but one day I’ll have seen them all!)
  • See the northern lights
  • Take my family to Hawaii
  • See an active volcano
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Visit Scotland and Craigh Na Duhn (I’m a huge Outlander fan)
  • Volunteer at a dog shelter

Contact Me

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or just have something important that I missed on my bucket list!