What Is The Best Time To Walk Your Dog? Evening/Morning?

As a beginner dog and puppy owner you probably don’t have a feeling yet for when to take your dog out for a walk.

Both the evening and the morning have exclusive benefits to them but it also depends on what fits better into your schedule.

Personal preference plays a pretty big part when deciding when to take your dog for a walk. A morning walk can be a great way to get your dog into a routine and evening walks can help your dog sleep better at night. Read on for more benefits of either option.

Let’s figure out which is the best option for you.

Can I Feed My Dog Before Walks?

Feeding your dog right before taking a walk isn’t a good idea.

Younger dogs especially tend to run around like crazy when they’re out and about and maybe even off-leash. If they just ate a bunch of food the running and jumping around can give them stomach problems.

In larger dogs running around and playing right after having consumed a meal can result in the dog’s stomach-turning which can be fatal for the dog.

Best to be on the safe side and feed your dog 30 min after the walk (when they have had time to calm down a bit) or to wait 30 minutes or more before taking them out on a walk after they just ate.

You wouldn’t really want to take a long walk after just haven eaten a huge meal but would choose to take some time to digest first, give your dog the same courtesy.

Benefits Of Morning Walks

Morning walks can be amazing if you’re a morning person but also for other types of people.

Going in the morning sets a good sense of routine for your dog. You can choose to get up every day at 6 am,7 am or whenever you have time in the morning to walk your dog.

Beware that once you pick a time you’ll have to get up and take your dog out exactly at that time every day, even on weekends.

Dogs have an amazing sense of routine and time. My puppy Teddy is on a strict feeding schedule and he always knows when feeding time comes around.

Let’s talk about the benefits of going out in the morning.

  • You can wake up with fresh air. Nowadays we lay in bed for maybe even hours after waking up and are just on our phones. If you get up out of bed you can do the waking up in the fresh air outside.
  • Kick start your metabolism. Again, instead of laying in bed hardly moving you can get dressed, drink a glass of water and head out with your dog for a nice morning stroll.
  • Get some exercise in your daily routine right out the way in the morning. You may even want to get some exercise out of the way at this time and bring your dog along. You will be relaxed and have a way better mood for the rest of the day. Exercise releases endorphins!
  • Great time to go out for walks during summer or winter! In the summer it gets really hot during the day when the sun is at its highest meaning that morning walks can be a great excuse to get some cool fresh summer air while being in(side) climate-controlled areas most of the rest of your day.
  • Your dog will have efficiently used up his energy. If you’re off to work early in the morning and aren’t back until the late evening it is a good idea to take a morning walk. Your dog can get rid of some of that excess energy that he would otherwise have to direct towards something else, like your furniture or walls. You’ll be pleased to come home to all your things still intact.
  • You can have some time away. You can easily use a morning walk as a variety of a mobile-free zone to completely relax. You don’t bring your phone along. You just listen to the birds, wind, and nature and enjoy some quiet time. It’s often hard to relax in this busy modern world we’re in running from one appointment to the next and this can be your outlet to take it down a notch.
  • It’s cool at this time during the summer. Those concrete and asphalt streets and sidewalks get incredibly hot when the sun shines on it for a long time and are not good on your dog’s paws. You’re not walking barefoot on the pavement at these times either so why expose your dog to it?

How Early Do I Need To Get Up For Morning Walks?

If you’re not a morning person you don’t have to wake up extremely early. Just plan enough time for the walk so that you still have enough to get ready, eat something and get to work.

Your schedule may look something like this:

  • 6:30 am- Get Up
  • 6:30 am- 7:00 am- Get Dressed And Have Breakfast (On The Go?)
  • 7 am- Take Your Dog For A Walk
  • 7:45 am- You’re Back From The Walk And Heading To Work

It all really depends on your schedule, how long of a morning walk you want and when you need to be at work/ how long you need to get there.

Benefits Of Evening Walks

An evening walk can be suitable for people that go to work too early to have a relaxed morning walk, hate getting up in the morning (despite getting up earlier than absolutely necessary) and are off faily early from work or still have excess energy at the end of the day.

  • Your dog will be a better sleeper. You really don’t want your dog to wake up in the middle of the night, which is also why we try everything to get our puppies to sleep through the night as soon as possible. Taking your dog out for a walk in the evening will get them tired and ready to retire for the day. They will be far less likely to wake you up again because they have energy to expose off.
  • You can calm down after a long workday. Taking a stroll and having some peaceful time alone can be a great way to calm down after a long stressful day and may be exactly what you need.
  • It’s most probably empty outside. You’ll hardly meet anyone if you’re going out when it’s already dark out.

Why Not Both? Morning And Evening?

You can certainly do both and this has some unique advantages too.

You will have less of your dog’s business in your garden to clean up if your dog does his business in the forest where you can cover it up with some leaves and leave it to nourish the plants.

Your dog will get more exercise which is good for his health (but don’t overexert him). It’s good for your health too!

Puppies will be a lot calmer at home when they can spend their energy on walks.

When Can I Take My Puppy Out For Walks?

You need to wait until your puppy has gotten all his shots before you can take him out to meet other dogs and people.

This is important so that your puppy doesn’t get sick or lick/eat other dog’s feces and infect himself with worms or similar.

As soon as your pup has gotten all his shots you can take him out as much as you want, I’d advise to even go out multiple times a day.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t really matter which you prefer or if you want to do both varieties. The great thing about both options is that we get to have some time to bond with our beloved dogs and get some exercise together.


I'm Lisa. I grew up with a Yorkshire Terrier, recently got an Aussiedoodle puppy and have learned a lot of things over the many years. I created this website to help you with your puppy and dog-related troubles and share the information I learned about my dogs Fluffy and Teddy.

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