Should I Put A Puppy Pee Pad In The Crate At Night?

Putting a puppy pad in the crate at night might seem like it’ll solve all your problems because you don’t need to get up during the night to let your puppy wee outside but it actually does the opposite.

No, don’t put a puppy pad in the crate at night. Letting your puppy wee in his crate at night goes against his natural instincts of keeping his sleeping area clean. House training your puppy will take a lot longer if you let him pee inside.

What you should really be doing is setting up an alarm to wake up and let your puppy wee outside.

Your Puppy Will Do His Best

It’s not like your puppy doesn’t try to hold it when he’s 8 weeks old. He is just way too young to be physically able to hold it for longer than 2 hours at that age or even have any control over it at all.

That is why you should set up an alarm to get up 2 or 3 hours after the puppy went to bed so that you can let him out to pee and he learns that she shouldn’t pee inside the house.

You can calculate how long a puppy can hold his pee by using the number of weeks he is old. For every 4 weeks (or month) he can hold it around an hour.

Now smaller breeds will probably fall below that and larger breeds can probably hold it for longer than that because they’ll have larger bladders.

If you get a puppy at 8 or 9 weeks old prepare to wait a few more weeks until he can hold it all the way through the night.

Most puppies will be able to hold it through the whole night when there are between 16 and 19 weeks but it can vary with every dog.

Even Using It For A Short Time Can Be Remembered A Long Time

I’ve heard from a few dog owners that they used a pee pad and the dog today still remembers where the pee pad used to be and has the occasional accident right in that spot.

The thing was that they only used the pee pads for a few days, maybe a week.

Your dog will remember that you wanted him to pee there in the past and when the outside isn’t available they’ll think that that’s the next best spot for them.

How Big Should The Crate Be?

If you have a large breed puppy but now he’s still relatively small but you already bought a large crate, you might have a problem.

If the crate is large enough and the puppy has enough space he could pee or poo on one side of the crate and then sleep in the other because there is still enough distance to have a clean sleeping spot.

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you have a pee pad in there or not. You just need to get out of bed at night so that your pup doesn’t even get the opportunity to get up and pee in his crate.

This is the genius thing one dog owner did.

“I’ve never used a pad or newspaper in Daisy’s crate during the night, the first week we had her she pooped a couple of times in there, I then made it smaller so she only had enough room to stretch/stand/turn around and since then no poops from 9wks (she’s now 16wks) I figured as she had quite a bit of space in there to begin with she was able to poop in one corner and sleep away from it.”


Where Should The Crate Be?

You should position the crate in your bedroom at least for a couple of the first nights with your new puppy.

He will be a little anxious, look for his mum and might cry for a while because he feels lonely and wants his mum and siblings there. Now is a great time to stick your hand down to him and comfort him by letting him know that you’re there and everything is fine.

Come up with a schedule that you’ll follow every day and night and learn to follow it. Your puppy will adjust to it and eventually know the schedule.

If you don’t know how to come up with a schedule, you can have a look at mine here.

Getting Puppy To Pee Outside At Night

Going outside alone in the dark can be a scary thing for a little puppy so don’t let him go by himself.

Be sure to go with him (maybe bring a torch!) and talk to him, tell him everything is alright and praise him once the deed is done and you can both go back inside and back to sleep.

Sometimes They’ll Stop Peeing In Their Crate By Themself

Sometimes when you get a puppy that is already a bit older (around 12 weeks) they will stop peeing in their crate because they don’t like being dirty.

This is what happened to one dog owner:

“A friend of mine used a crate for his dog with the tray under it and let him wee/ poo in there after a week he stopped because he didn’t want to lay in it all night.”


Dogs are really smart and don’t want to lay in their pee or poo if they can somehow avoid it.

When they are young they often can’t help it but as soon as they can hold it, they will try their hardest not to have to lay in it all night long.


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