Should I Let My Puppy Sleep In My Room At Night?

Deciding whether your puppy will sleep in your room is a personal decision but each side has its own benefits.

For the first couple of weeks with your new puppy, you should let him sleep in your room. You will be able to hear when your puppy is up and bring him out to pee, your puppy will feel less alone as he was just separated from his mum and you’ll bond a lot quicker.

But now what are the benefits of either scenario and should your pup sleep in your bed?

First Couple Of Weeks With Puppy (8-15 weeks old)

The first few weeks and even days with your new puppy you should try to make the transition as smooth as possible.


In the first couple of weeks with your new puppy, he can’t hold his bladder for very long, maybe 2 hours and you know what that means for you?

Yeah, hardly any sleep at all and getting up at 3, 4 or 5 in the morning to take your puppy out to pee and then getting up in another few hours after that.

It’s really not fun and you might even regret having gotten a puppy at this point (I know I did) but trust me it gets better.

Now the point of having your puppy sleep in your room when he is this young is that he will wake up and walk around when he needs to pee and that is your queue to get up, quickly grab him and bring him outside before you also need to clean up a puddle in the middle of the night.

This might not work if you’re a heavy sleeper and nothing can wake you up in the night but I’m usually a heavy sleeper too and I always immediately woke up when my puppy was roaming the room.

Now just because you let your puppy sleep in your room at this young age it doesn’t mean that you’ll also have to later on. That is completely up to you.

Separation From Mum And Siblings

Your puppy is all alone now. He doesn’t know who you are and what this strange place he is now is and why his mum and siblings aren’t here.

Your puppy at this stage has likely never had a day in his life where he was alone. He is used to sleeping and cuddling with his siblings all night long and suddenly he has to adjust to sleeping all alone.

He will likely cry the first night or a few nights from first being separated from his dog family.

My puppy cuddling with one of his siblings at 4 weeks old

The best method to combat the crying (in my experience) has been to give your pup a soft cushion or basket he can sleep in and then position it right next to your bed at the head area.

Now when your puppy starts crying just stick your hand down to him and he’ll know that he’s not alone and will likely stop crying.

Usually when puppies cry their mum will come and check up on them but his dog mum isn’t here and you’re all he’s got. You’re his new mum now and that also means that you need to take care of him and do everything his mum would.

So, now every time he gets up you need to get up too and yes I know how hard that is when you’re going on a few hours of sleep a night and still need to watch him 24/7.

Honestly, the best advice I can give is to sleep whenever he’s sleeping. When you’re really that sleep-deprived you won’t care. You’ll grab a pillow and sleep on the floor next to him. I know I did this for days to catch up on at least some of the sleep that I lost during the night.

Should I Give Him His Blanket From Home?

No. I heavily urge you not to give him a blanket that smells like home and like his mum and siblings.

All this blanket will do for him is to remind him of his mum and he’ll keep looking for her even though she isn’t there.

I got such a blanket too and immediately brought it down to the wash away from my pup.

Even though he didn’t know that the blanket was there he went down to the wash multiple times smelling it and looking for his dog mum.

I know it may seem harsh but the best transition you can give him is to make it abrupt so that he doesn’t keep looking for his mum for weeks because his blanket reminds him of her.

Can I Get Help?

Totally. Getting someone to help you watch over the pup is a tremendous idea.

After the first two weeks where I had to watch my pup alone, my mum had her vacation and we decided to divide watching the puppy into two shifts.

One of us would get the day shift, watching him from 9 am to 10 pm or some similar time and the other one would get the night shift watching him from 10 pm until 8 am.

The one with the night shift would sleep during the day and the other way around and we would switch every few days.

Next Couple Of Weeks With Puppy (16 weeks and onward)

My sleeping puppy

At this point, your pup will hopefully sleep until 6 am and if he doesn’t yet I’ll tell you how to get there.

Set Up A Routine

Yes, this may sound generic but it actually works.

Depending on when you get up in the morning you need to bring him out to pee in the evening. With this routine, I’m assuming that your pup has reached a point where he can hold 4 hours, which he should at this age.

This is the nightly routine that I used for my pup that works wonders:

  • Between 6 and 7 pm I’d take him on a walk to pee and poo
  • 9 pm puppy dinner time
  • Let him out to pee several times to pee
  • 12 pm take him out one last time to pee
  • Take his water bowl away
  • Between 6 and 7 am I’ll take him on a short walk to do his business again and he gets his water back

It may seem strange that I take his water from him but he gets plenty of water throughout the day and doesn’t need to drink at night.

The best way to really stick to this routine is to get one person in the household to take him out late at night and the other to bring him out in the morning.

If you don’t want to take your pup’s water you could also just leave him a little bit of water in his bowl instead of taking it all. Both ways can work but you should decide what works best for you and your pup.

Should He Still Sleep In My Room?

At this point, I didn’t let him sleep in my room anymore because we had the tendency to wake each other up.

We have a little bathroom downstairs where we installed a baby gate (also works great for puppies!) and where he sleeps during the night.

He’s not completely alone because my other dog is always around but he quickly got used to having that room as his relaxing area and also goes in there by himself.

It also doubles as a “timeout” zone and I’d bring him in there when he’s chewing on things he shouldn’t be or when I can’t watch him for a while because I’m taking a shower or similar.

“Will you let me out?”

Of course, he’d always give me his super cute puppy look to try and get me to let him out but everything in that room is super-puppy proof because its full of tiles and nothing he could destroy.

Anyway, each time when I went to the bathroom during the night he would get up and want to go out to pee too following me into the bathroom.

The only reason he got up though was that I woke him when I left the room, yes that could partly be separation anxiety, but since we were both already up, I might as well bring him out to pee.

I wasn’t going to risk that he makes a puddle and that I’ll have to clean it up in the middle of the night.

The other reasons why at this point I didn’t want him to sleep in my room anymore was that:

  1. I didn’t want the last person to take him out at night to bring him into my room at 12 pm and possibly wake me when I was already asleep.
  2. He’d move throughout the room during the night and wake me each time.
  3. He should learn to sleep on his own and that I won’t always be there.

If you tend to spend every minute of every day with your puppy and never leave him alone he could get overly attached to you and in the end, you’ll get a dog that can never be alone.

I think we both benefit from having our own rooms to sleep in without waking each other up.

Outlook On The Following Weeks

My puppy sleeping outside at 19 weeks

Today (he is 19 weeks old) I don’t need to take his water. He’ll make it through the night either way.

I’m still on the same routine just that by now he usually sleeps until around 8-9 am before he starts demanding breakfast that he usually gets at 9 am.

I plan on allowing him to sleep in my room again because I love having him close to me.


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