Dog Geneology Test

Finding out about your dogs’ Geneology can be pretty exciting and also incredibly easy.

All you need to do is buy the Embark Dog DNA Test (check the current price on Amazon) and send a cheek swap of your dog back to them.

It does take some time for them to upload the results (multiple weeks most of the time) but for the waiting time, they tell you your dog’s ancestry up to their great grandparents so that you can see what breeds exactly were involved creating your dog.

Now a few people did complain because they were disappointed with the results. Not every breed can always be identified. Sometimes your dog will have one of the parents be categorized as a “herding group dog” rather than a specific breed like German Shepherd.

The amazing thing about this is that you can also see if your dog has a genetic predisposition for any diseases. And as Embark expands its database they run your dogs DNA through again to see if your dog tests positive for any newly added diseases.

This test is especially recommended if you have a mutt from a shelter or rescue and you have no idea what kind of breed or mix he could be. The test is not as illuminating for purebred dogs because the family tree will probably be quite boring but you can still see if your pup has a genetic predisposition for any diseases as well as the level of inbreeding.

Embark sends E-mails along the way as they process your dog’s DNA. They also inform you ahead of time if your dog happens to have a medical condition and explain it to you so that you’re not alarmed when you see the test results.

After sending in your dog’s DNA sample and the initial waiting time you get a login to see your results online. They will show the dog’s family tree, genetic dispositions for diseases (if he tested positive or negative) and they even show you your dog’s chromosomes (and where in the chromosomes the different breeds are represented)!

If I’ve piqued your interest and you want to find out more about your dog you can check it out on Amazon here.