Aussiedoodle Puppy Shopping List

Basics (Leash, Collar, Crate, Bowls)


For a leash, I definitely recommend a towline instead of one that constantly keeps the rope on tension. I have had very good experiences with a leash that you can keep loose. Your dog will also be more relaxed that way. When changing my dog’s leash from one day to the next he was a completely different dog.

(left) The leash that I made myself and (right) the leash that I will never use again and DO NOT recommend.

You can even make a leash yourself, which I really enjoy doing because you can individualize it and make it the length that you want and need. In the picture, you can see all the leashes that I made myself and here is a similar rope that you can use to make one yourself.


The crate I use for my Aussiedoodle Teddy.

I looked long for a crate that I can use at home but also easily bring along in the car for trips. This is the crate I bought and love.

Wanna buy this crate? Click the picture!

I bought the one of the bigger sizes because I wasn’t sure how big Teddy was going to be and the size I got seems to be just right for him.

He can look out on all sides and the top which is great for air circulation but also for him not feeling abandoned and you can easily carry it with the attached straps.

Collar Or Harness

Whether to use a collar or harness has been an ongoing debate between dog owners for years. I used to have a very decided opinion on the matter which was harness and no doubt I still love them but recently I also got an open mind for collars.

Teddy wearing the harness that I bought him for driving in the car.

Teddy my Aussiedoodle can often have a mind of his own and a lot of energy at that and a harness just wasn’t the best option for daily walks.

This harness that I bought (and that you can see in the pictures) is designed for keeping a dog safe when you take him on car rides. It comes with a short leash that you can plug into the seat belt thing (who knows what that is even called?) to keep your dog from flying through the car when you brake.

Now, the problematic thing that I was doing is to use this harness for daily walks. Teddy always threw himself in there and pulled uncontrollably because obviously it was designed to comfortably keep in place when you brake.

Teddy and I in the car (with his harness).

I definitely recommend this collar for the car but I use a normal collar for when I walk Teddy because I have a lot more control over him and he doesn’t pull like he used to.

Name Tag

A name tag is a must-have for your dog. You attach it to your dog’s collar or harness and if (let’s hope never) your dog gets lost you can check the name tag and call you or even see the address and bring the dog back to you.

I have one for both my dogs and luckily they never got lost or escaped but I always know that I’d get them back because my contacts are on their dog tag.

Honestly, they are so cheap it’s better to just get one and have less trouble later on.


This is something that you’ll need when you get a doodle. They are extremely messy and not only when they drink but also when they come home soaked from the rain.

This doormat soaks up way more water than conventional doormats and keeps your house somewhat more clean (and dry).

Imagine (and trust me, it’ll happen) your doodle comes home wet and sandy, you’ll want a mat like this.

Food Related and Treats

Chewing Sticks

Chewing sticks with dried meat wrapped around are by far Teddy’s favorite treat and he’ll do anything to get one.

The great thing is that it can keep him occupied for around 30-45 minutes where I can then take a shower or do anything where I don’t have to watch him.

Try to always get sticks (or round chewing sticks) that are bigger than what your puppy/dog can potentially swallow. When I gave my dog smaller ones he had the tendency to swallow the whole thing without even chewing and then throwing it back up a few minutes later. Trust me, you don’t want to see that.

Dried Meat Treats

Dried meat treats are amazing for training your dog. I cut them into smaller pieces that make them better rewards for training that he can chew a little on (and won’t swallow without chewing) but won’t take him forever to finish.

Elk Antler

Elk antlers might seem like a strange product to give your dog to chew (trust me, I was surprised too!) but they are actually pretty great.

They last forever, like seriously I’ve had mine for at least 4 months and it’s still intact but you can already see a few scratches. They are natural and no animal is hurt in obtaining them because they are “thrown off” naturally and cut into smaller pieces for dogs to chew on.

Also, cut open antlers are better for dogs because the inside is exposed which is more attractive for dogs.

Clip-on Training Container

I love this training container that you can easily clip to your pants. It closes with two magnets meaning that you can easily reach in and get a treat out without having to open a zipper.

A definite must-have for when you want to train your dog on the go and don’t want your clothes stained from oily treats.