My Recommended Aussiedoodle Breeder

Me with my Aussiedoodle puppy, Teddy

When I was researching which Doodle I wanted to buy, I came across a few Breeders and after comparing the things they offer (like Live Puppy Cams and Livelong support) these are my top picks for when I would buy a puppy again and who I’d buy it from.

Aussiedoodles From Awesomedoodle

Aussiedoodles are extremely cute Doodles (Australian Shepherd x Poodle) that come in a lot more color variety than most other Doodles.

Awesomedoodle raises Aussiedoodle puppies in homes (rather than kennels) of families, and they raise their puppies in a stimulating environment where they are being accustomed to the noises of a normal household and experience early human contact within their families. This makes for smarter and more affectionate puppies.

What Aussiedoodles Do They Have?

They have Aussiedoodles that come in all colors and sizes. If you prefer a small Doodle, you can get a Toy or Mini Aussiedoodle but if you prefer something bigger you can also get a Standard Aussiedoodle (Standard Poodle x Aussie).

Aussiedoodles are so special because they don’t all look the same or very similar like Goldendoodles might. They each have their own unique coat color, which really makes them stand out from other Doodles.

Where Are They Situated?

Awesomedoodle has families raising puppies all over the USA.

Each puppy or number shows you where an Awesomedoodle dog is living (or how many are living there) and the hearts show you the homes that the puppies are being raised in.

Where Awesomedoodles live and where they are being raised.

Even though the homes are situated primarily in the East of the US, Awesomedoodle can get your puppy to you with no trouble. You have the option to receive your puppy via plane (to your nearest airport) if you live far away or you can just pick up your puppy yourself.

What Do They Offer?

Awesomedoodle offers a huge package deal for when you buy your puppy. Not only do you get an amazingly cute Aussiedoodle, but also a two-year health guarantee, weekly pictures and videos, as well as live video streams of your puppy’s entire litter. They have dedicated staff to help you prepare for your puppy and then shape it’s behaviors when it comes home.

Lastly, they have a lifetime support policy which is reassuring that you’ll always be able to get support for your puppy.

Why Should I Chose Them?

  • While their fees are higher than most, they won’t push you to buy a puppy that might not fit your lifestyle. You can contact them (via. e-mail, phone or even skype!) to discuss if an Aussiedoodle puppy is the right choice for you or if another breed might be a better fit.
  • Awesomedoodle doesn’t just breed any two dogs together to make quick money. These dogs are their pets, that live with them in their homes in the middle of their family (not in a kennel).
  • They test the dogs for all kinds of genetic diseases that they could pass on to the puppies. Every puppy even has a two-year health guarantee.
  • They take care of you before you get your puppy and years after you’ve bought one!
  • They don’t just forget about you once you’ve bought your puppy, they offer lifetime support and send you prep e-mails and more.
  • Most often, they don’t have puppies available but they take (refundable) deposits for future puppies that are probably not even born yet. This way they ensure that all their puppies get a home.
  • Since they have multiple families raising puppies in their homes, you’ll have lots of choices when picking your puppy and won’t have to wait months for a litter to be born.

Can I Afford A Puppy?

Regardless of whether you get a Doodle or other breed, a huge package like Awesomedoodle offers can cost you a bit. For that, you won’t be alone any step of the way from choosing what puppy best suits you, to choosing a puppy, getting your puppy home and all the steps in between.

Awesomedoodle will always be there to support you and answer any questions about your new furry family member.

Where Can I Find Them?

You can contact Awesomedoodle regarding questions, concerns or cute pictures of currently available puppies over at