Puppy Cleaning Products You’ll Need (And what to Avoid)

When you get a puppy you’ll have a very high usage of cleaning supplies because puppies are poop machines!

I’m serious my puppy probably pooped AT LEAST 4 times a day and peed at least twice as much.

First, I’ll tell you all the necessities that you need to buy (if you want a clean house) and then all the products you should avoid buying, as they’ll bring more trouble than good.

Cleaning Supplies you should get for your puppy OVERVIEW

  • Spray Bottle
  • Kitchen Paper
  • Poop Bags (get scented ones!)
  • Gloves
  • Dog Hair Remover Roller
  • Dog Hair Vacuum
  • Puppy de-shedding brush

Spray Bottle + Kitchen Paper

This is the most standard way things get. These are absolute necessities and without them, you won’t be able to clean up all the puddles and other accidents you’ll find around the house.

Of course, you need to get kitchen paper towels with them to properly clean up the mess.

Poop Bags

By now, you should know why you need to get poop bags for your puppy. They poop all day long.

These poop bags will help you pick up all the poop from your yard, on walks but they’re useful for inside accidents too.


You should buy re-useable gloves if you are “afraid” of your pup’s poop to touch you or get anywhere near you.

Yes, of course, poop is disgusting but some people are more disgusted than others. My puppy once even pooped on my hand. That was the highlight of how disgusted I ever was. If you wanna avoid that, get yourself some poop gloves.

Dog Hair Remover for your clothes

At first, your puppy will shed quite a bit because they are losing their puppy coat and if you’re going to cuddle your little shedding monster. If you still want to go out after that you should get a hair remover roller, as I did.

Works better than having to change into different clothes multiple times a day.

Dog hair vacuum

Now, if you have a more severe shedding puppy or just a dog that continues to shed even beyond just their puppy coat, you may want to invest in a dog hair vacuum.

Yes, they can be on the more expensive side but it’ll help keep your house clean of all that pet hair. I even found bushels of hair from my puppy in the corners of my house and he was only losing his puppy coat and stopped shedding after that.

Not only that but when I was cooking I continuously found dog hairs to be on my clothes, hands and as a result IN THE FOOD. I’ll never go back to living like that.

De-shedder brush for their puppy coat

This can help speed up the process in which your puppy will lose their puppy coat. It can normally take around 6 months until your puppy has lost their puppy coat but with this tool, you can make this time a little more bearable.

The more hairs you brush out of his coat every day, the fewer he can lose. It might steal some of your time and attention but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Ultraviolet Light

Something else that can make finding pee stains in your carpet a whole lot easier is an ultraviolet flashlight.

You can use it during the daytime or at night and easily find pee stains or dried up puddles that you might have missed your puppy make and avoid stepping in it later.

I have this exact one and it works great!

Things To Avoid

There are a few products out there that I don’t recommend that you buy because they can hinder the learning process of your puppy house training.

Pee Pads

Pee pads are one of them. The only situation where I see pee pads useful is when you’re picking up your new puppy and have a few hours drive until you’re back home.

Even in this scenario, I’m not 100% convinced because you might as well just stop every 1 1/2 hours at least because your puppy can’t hold it that long and to also give your new puppy a break from driving around in the car for so long.

It can be very stressful for them because they were just separated from their mum and siblings and everything they’ve come to know and now they are with strange people in a loud moving machine. They may get scared or overly excited and pee themselves by mistake and for that scenario, it’s fine to get a pee pad or two to protect your car.

You shouldn’t start training your dog to pee inside on puppy pee pads when you’re at home though. Yes, there may be exceptions if you’re on the 20th floor of a high-rise building you can’t run downstairs every hour to go pee and may want to teach your puppy to pee in a litter box, like cats.

If you’re not in a high rise building though, you should just teach your pup to pee outside, which is a lot more natural to them and can thus also be easier to teach.

Once your dog learns he’s allowed to pee inside in this one spot where the pee pad is always lying, he’ll know it for a long time. Even when you remove the pee pad he’ll pee in that exact spot because that’s what he learned to do.

Plus, do you really want to keep buying these things for months when you can just take your puppy out and let him pee for free?


All you really need is a stain and odor remover spray and some paper towels. You can live without the other items on this list but they can tremendously make your life easier and less hairy if you invest in buying them.

Oh, but you also need poop bags. You don’t want to throw the poop in your normal trash and stink up your whole place. Trust me, I’ve been there.


I'm Lisa. I grew up with a Yorkshire Terrier, recently got an Aussiedoodle puppy and have learned a lot of things over the many years. I created this website to help you with your puppy and dog-related troubles and share the information I learned about my dogs Fluffy and Teddy.

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