My Dog Ate Maggots- Now What?

Dogs eat anything and everything that gets in their way, especially when they are still young and want to explore everything.

Now, you’re wondering if your dog will be fine after eating maggots?

Is He Going To Be Alright?

Maggots are basically pure protein and not poisonous on their own. Your dog’s stomach acid is so strong that there is no reason that he shouldn’t be fine.

The more problematic thing is that maggots usually eat decaying flesh and your dog might have eaten some of it and/or the bacteria present on it.

If the maggots were on or in poop you should see your vet to get your dog a deworming prescription. Often when your dog eats another animal or dog’s feces, there can be worms or worm eggs present that when your dog ingests he gets too.

Eating live maggots shouldn’t be a problem for your dog. In some areas of the world, even humans eat them and since dogs have the gut flora to digest raw meat, it shouldn’t be an issue. Your had has probably had worse to eat in the past.

If your dog threw up, had diarrhea or developed a fever shortly after ingesting the maggots he should be fine but watch for anything out of the ordinary, like a change in behavior.

If your dog is acting differently and having other symptoms that something is wrong, visit your vet to make sure that he is alright.

If your dog is eating absolutely everything read my article where I talk about the training methods to stop dogs munching down on everything that gets in their way.


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