My Dog Ate EggShells- Now What?

You had eggs for breakfast but your dog grabbed some eggshells off the table?

Can Dogs Eat Egg Shells?

Eggshells are not toxic to dogs. Some people even feed eggshells and raw eggs to their dogs as there can be health benefits for them. Eggshells contain healthy calcium for your dog and can make their coat shiny and thicker. If your dog has eaten eggshells they’ll just pass through (and won’t puncture or hurt your dog’s intestines etc.) with no worries.

Feeding Your Dog Egg Shells

You can absolutely feed your dog eggshells and the best way to do it is to cook and peel your egg and grind the shells into a powder and mix it with their regular food. Feeding them to your dog can also benefit their bones and teeth. You can feed your dog the shell of one egg each week. Feeding them too much can lead to diarrhea.

Digesting Egg Shells

The best way for your dog to absorb the nutrients in the eggshells is to grind them into a very fine powder. They are one of nature’s best sources of calcium as well as a few other minerals. It is important that the eggs are boiled before grinding the shells to avoid salmonella contamination.


Don’t worry about your dog eating eggshells unless they are acting differently. Eggshells can be very healthy for your dog but make sure to feed in moderation and cook them well beforehand.


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