My Dog Ate Carrot Cake- Now What?

Can Dogs Eat Carrot Cake?

Carrot cake is not toxic for dogs and they can be given a small piece but don’t feed your dog lare amounts. The sugar in the cake isn’t good for the dogs overall health as well as teeth (which are usually not brushed).

If your dog ate a large amount of the cake they may vomit, throw up or get diarrhea but they should be fine afterwards. Provide them with plenty of water if they did throw up or get diarrhea and don’t feed them ordinary dog food until the next day.

Impact Of Sugar On Dogs

Giving dogs sugar that is present in normal veggies or dog food is alright but you shouldn’t give your dog sugar in the form of candy. Sugar can have the same effect on dogs as it also has on us humans. Dogs can gain a substantial amount of weight and even become obese (yes dog obesity is a thing) if given lots of sugar. Dogs can even become diabetic like humans can as well. Giving your dogs sweets can result in them getting an upset stomach, vomiting and getting diarrhea.

Artificial Sweeteners

Some candy can contain artificial sweeteners such as xylitol which is toxic to dogs and should never be fed to them. Xylitol can cause a rapid drop in blood sugar as well as liver failure which can both be life threatening to your pooch. Xylitol is most often consumed by dogs when sugar free gum is left out and eaten by the dog and sometimes even peanut butter can contain it. Be sure to always read the labels and keep all foods and candy containing xylitol far away from your dog.

Health Benefits Of Carrots For Dogs

Carrots are great low calorie snacks for our four-legged companions. They have a positive impact on the dental hygiene of your dog and can offer a healthy filling alternative to dog treats. They contain fiber and vitamin A which offers overall health benefits as well as a strong immune system, bone growth and reproduction. Carrots can also help your dog maintain a sharp vision.

Vets recommend that a dogs teeth should be brushed regularly and as often as the owner can find time for it but carrots can help reduce the plaque build-up on dogs teeth as well as keep them healthy from the inside too.

If you have a puppy you should introduce carrots to them because they can also be something healthy to chew on during their teething stage (and stay away from cables and such).

Carrots as dog treats?

Giving your dog a lot of treats can turn into a problem when your pooch starts putting on more weight that he can’t seem to loose. Especially during dog training you reward your dog with a bunch of treats for good behavior and the right behavior. Try giving your dog carrot pieces or chips instead and see if he will eat them. They are a good and healthy alternative to regular dog treats and your dog won’t put on weight that way.

If you are about to head to work or you’re going somewhere you can sure give your dog a large carrot and he’ll be busy for some time and won’t fall back on disruptive behavior.


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