My Dog Ate A Daddy Long Leg Spider- Now What?

Dogs, especially puppies, explore their world around them with their nose and mouth so it’s not uncommon for them to “try” a spider or other insects that they may cross paths with.

First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing because there are very similar-looking creatures out there.

Daddy long legs can mean different things to different people if they, like me, don’t know the difference between very similar-looking “spiders”.

Most commonly people use the term Daddy long-legs to refer to Opilionids arachnids which have an oval body shape and eight long legs but are not true spiders or they refer to Pholcids which look very similar with a small body and long legs and are the true Daddy long-legs spider.

The “fake” Daddy long leg spider (left) which isn’t a spider eats decomposing vegetable and animal matter and the real one is a venomous predator.

Although the true Daddy long-leg spider uses its venom to kill (and eat) small other insects they rarely bite humans and even then the venom has little to no effect.

Will My Dog Be Fine?

If your dog ate or was bitten by a true Daddy long-legs spider there shouldn’t be any problem IF your dog isn’t allergic to the venom.

I’d advise you to give your vet a ring if your dog is acting strange or his behavior is any different than normal and/or there is swelling around the mouth, snout or throat.

If your dog has no reaction he’s probably not allergic, has no problem eating them or maybe even ate the fake kind that looks very similar.


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