How Much Do Different Doodle Breeders Cost? (Comparison)

When you’re unsure of which Doodle dog you want to buy you might look for which of the different Doodles is the cheapest and which one the most expensive.

In this article, I’ll tell you how much you can expect to pay for different kinds of Doodles at different breeders within the US.


Who Is This? AwesomeDoodle is a group of friends and
families all over the USA, raising puppies in
their homes all under the same strict standards.
Where Are The
Puppies Raised?
They live and grow up in the homes of the
Which Doodles?Aussiedoodles in all shapes and sizes.
Genetic TestingDNA testing for all their dogs.
Location Of Them Awesomedoodle has families raising puppies all over the USA.
How Will I Get My
You can pick it up at their home or nearest
airport. They also have a puppy nanny
available to deliver to your closest major
Can I Ask Them
Yes, you can E-mail them and ask questions here.
They test the dogs for all kinds of genetic
diseases that they could pass on to the
puppies. Every puppy even has a two-year
health guarantee.
Do They Offer
They have a standard lifetime support
policy and their full time puppy coach
will help you raise your puppy.
Special Features Weekly pictures and videos, as well as live
video streams of your puppy’s entire litter.
They have dedicated staff to help you prepare
for your puppy and then shape it’s behaviors
when it comes home, plus an extensive online
resource portal with training videos and more.
Oh, and they have a Youtube Channel too.
Do I Need To Make A Deposit?Yes, a 300$ deposit. (refundable for a year or
until you chose a puppy)
PricePrices start at $1800
Where Can I
Find Them?
Read more about them here or visit their
website at


Who Is This?Family run by three sisters.
Where Do
The Puppies
In the homes of the breeder.
Mostly standard Size Aussiedoodles and
Bernedoodles but 1-2 times a year they
also have mini Doodles.
They test their parent dogs.
Location Of
Utah near Salt Lake City
How Will I
Get My
You can pick the puppy up at their home, hire a “flight nanny” to fly your puppy to an airport near you (costs
upward of $500 depending on location) or fly to the
Salt Lake City International Airport to pick the puppy up yourself.
Can I Ask
You can send them an e-mail via their contact form on
their website.
They offer a 2-year Health Guarantee on all their
Do They Offer Support?Lifetime breeder support
Each puppy is sold on a pay/neuter contract. They make small exceptions for approved breeders.
Do I Need to Make A
They have deposits of $500 (non-refundable).
PriceDepending on the breed, gender and coloring between $3800 and $4800 (including the deposit).
Where Can I
Find Them?


Who Is This?It all started with Christine and Keith
in 2003 and since then they have
grown to a staff of 16.
Where Do The Puppies Live?
In Kennels
Which Doodles?Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles in
toy, mini, medium and standard.
Genetic TestingThey test all their parent dogs.
Location Of ThemThey are located near Bloomington, IL.
How Will I Get My Puppy?You can pick it up in person or (for a
fee) a staff member can fly the puppy
to your closest airport.
Can I Ask Them Questions?You can E-mail them with questions.
Health Guarantee?unknown
Do They Offer Support?They keep in touch with the owners.
Special FeaturesThey have a Facebook page you can
join after paying the deposit. They do
an annual Romp with people that have
bought their puppies. They also sell
merch. Dew claws are removed.
Do I Need To Make A Deposit?Yes, it’s $200 or $206 using PayPal.
Prize$2500 to $3500 depending on size
and color.
Where Can I Find Them?


Who Is This?The owner grew up around horses, trained and
bred horses and is now breeding Doodles together with her assistant Zach.
Where Do The Puppies Live?They are born inside the house and once
they are old enough they are transitioned
to the puppy nursery outside.
Which Doodles?Aussiedoodles, Australian Mountain
Doodles and Goldendoodles
Genetic Testing They do genetic testing through Pawprint
Location Of ThemNear Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge
How Will I Get My
You can pick the puppy up at the home or
shipping can be arranged for an airport near you (around $385-$475).
Can I Ask Them
Yes, you can call them with any questions you
might have.
Health Guarantee?2 Year Health Guarantee against genetic
Do They Offer
unknown or none
Special Featuresnone that I could find
Do I Need To Make A Deposit?Yes, a 515$ deposit (not refundable)
PriceFull Prices Start at 1500$
Where Can I Find


From all these Breeders I definitely have a personal favorite but it can also depend on where you live and what you’re looking for.

In my opinion, Awesomedoodle is the best Doodle breeder (or at least Aussiedoodle breeder) you can choose because they offer a lot more than most but also manage to keep the puppies affordable in comparison to other breeders.

They are amazing people that have a passion for their Doodles and want the best for their puppies, staying in contact and helping you raise your puppy for years to come.

If you’re interested in finding out more about them, go to their website here or read the detailed summary that I wrote about them.


I'm Lisa. I grew up with a Yorkshire Terrier, recently got an Aussiedoodle puppy and have learned a lot of things over the many years. I created this website to help you with your puppy and dog-related troubles and share the information I learned about my dogs Fluffy and Teddy.

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