How Big Will My Goldendoodle Be? Stats From 6 Owners

When you’re getting a Doodle it’s incredibly hard to predict how much the puppy will weigh once it’s grown up.

I searched through a bunch of forums from people sharing how much their Goldendoodle puppy had grown over time and the ones that shared the exact numbers over the first 8 months, I plotted into this chart.

Goldendoodle Growth Chart

The chart shows that while all puppies started at a similar weight at week 8, their final weight can vary.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out which of the Goldendoodles were bred with which Poodle but I’m pretty certain that the top 3 Goldendoodles had a Standard Poodle parent and the lower 3 had a Miniature Poodle parent.

Finding Out The Size With A DNA Test

Did you know that you can find out the size of your dog with a DNA test?

The Embark DNA test for dogs (check the current price on Amazon) only needs a cheek swap from your dog, then you send it in and after a few weeks, you’ll have the results.

The test will tell you a whole lot about your dog including the ancestry (breeds of parents and grandparents), any genetically identifiable diseases your dog might have, how large your dog will get and more.

Want to read more about the Embark DNA test?

When Do Dogs Stop Growing?

Smaller breeds tend to finish growing a little quicker than larger breeds. The small breeds can reach their final height when they are 6-8 months old but larger ones can grow on until 12-18 months.

If you have a Doodle and want yours added to the chart, feel free to write a comment and I’ll add yours.

Please include as much information as you have including:

  • the name of your Doodle
  • the Doodle kind (Aussiedoodle, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, etc.)
  • the Poodle parent (Standard, Miniature or Toy)
  • the Doodle generation (F1, F1B, F2, etc.)
  • weight specifics (for example 8 weeks: 10 pounds, 12 weeks: 13,2 pounds, etc.)


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