Changing Eye Colours In Puppies (with Example)

Lots of babies are born with blue eyes and later their eye colour changes. Is that the same with puppies that are born with blue eyes?

Why Are Puppies Eye Closed When Born?

When puppies are born they are not fully developed. They are deaf and blind for a few weeks.

The optical nerve in puppies isn’t fully developed when the puppies are born and the closed eyelids protect the eyes from outside factors such as dirt, pathogens and bright sunlight.

Most of the time the puppies first open their eyes by two weeks of age. By this time their eyes are still not fully developed and the puppies won’t have a fully developed eyesight for another few weeks.

Their ears are also still developing but within a week or so the pups will be able to hear you.

Are All Puppies Born With Blue Eyes?

Yes, all puppies are generally born with lighter eyes than what their adult eyes will later change to.

Puppies can have light blue eyes, blue-greyish eyes and even have spots of other colours in them but not every pup keeps their cute blue eyes.

The eyes are always lighter in the early days of your puppy because not enough melanin (a pigment that affects eye colour) has been produced.

When your pup produces melanin in the eyes the iris (coloured part of the eye) can change to a darker colour. This will happen somewhere between 8-16 weeks in. Pups that produce little melanin will stick to their blue eyes.

Puppies that don’t produce any melanin will have pinkish/red eyes and are called albino but this is very rare.

Does The Eye Colour In Puppies Change?

At around 10 weeks the puppy’s eyes will stay the same and before that the colour can change.

It is very common for the colour to change. Rarely will a dog keep their blue eyes all throughout their adult years. Most of the time the colour that the puppy started with will darken to green, hazel or a darker brown.

Some puppies eye colour may also change as late as 16 weeks in but if you don’t see any colour change at this stage you will probably be stuck with your pups pretty blue puppy eyes.

The most common eye colour in dogs is brown in all its variations.

Merle Puppies

Australian shepherds with a merle coat can have a lot of different eye colours including multi-coloured eyes which are most common in the merle puppies.

Merle means that the coat is white/black speckled (blue merle) or brown/white speckled (red merle). Puppies with the merle tend to have eye colours with multiple colours and pretty colour combinations.

Another breed which can have two different coloured eyes are huskies. It’s fairly common for them to have two different coloured eyes.

When Do Puppies Eyes Change Colour?

At 4 weeks my pup and most others of his brothers and sisters had light blue eyes.

Gradually the colour changed from his baby blue eyes to green and lastly, they got even darker to a hazel colour.

My pup’s eye colours at 4 and 8 weeks old

His eyes are now (at 10 weeks) two coloured with a blue/greenish colour on the outside and a darker light brown colour towards the inside.

All of my pups sisters and brothers also had different shades of blue or green when they were very young as well as he did.

Most of them later also changed eye colour, mostly to a darker colour.

Update: Teddy’s eye colour at 12 weeks


  • Puppies are born with blue eyes which can appear in different colour variations.
  • The pups then produce melanin which changes the eye colour at about 8-16 weeks.
  • Dogs that don’t produce melanin will have pinkish eye colour and are called albino.
  • Merle puppies and Huskies can often have two different coloured eyes.
  • Pups that stick to blue eyes are not very common and unique dogs.


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