Can My Dog Get Tired Of Eating The Same Food Daily?

Opinions are split on this topic. Dog owners and scientists have two different ideas and answers to this question.

If you think about this topic I’m sure that any pet owner would say they would get tired of eating the same food, like only spaghetti or cereal daily for every meal.

Seeing as we often feed our dogs this way we would naturally want to know if they would get bored of the same food the way we often would.

Yes, most dog owners would tell you that their dog has gotten bored of eating the same food daily but if you ask science it’ll tell you that dogs can’t get tired of eating the same food because of the way that dogs experience food.

So, let’s look at the two different perspectives.

What Do Scientists Say?

Scientists say that dogs only have a fraction of the taste buds that humans have and therefore they don’t experience food the way we do.

They might be able to smell much better than us but when it comes to eating we clearly have “better” taste.

But dogs do have one taste receptor that we lack which makes water taste enjoyable for them. If you ask any human they would probably tell you that water is tasteless or plain.

Some dogs may also refuse to eat their kibble because they sometimes spray oil on the kibble to make it more enticing for dogs to eat. In nature, dogs don’t have kibble but rather fresh meat and wet food come closest to that which can be why some dogs prefer it.

Science thinks that dogs don’t get bored of having the same food daily but rather that they love exploring new things, which is why when you offer them new or for them better-smelling food, they will often go for the new food.

Not because they get bored with the old but because they have gotten used to living with humans and part of that is to

What Dog Owners Think

Me with my pup Teddy

Dog owners are sure that their pup loves getting a new food (flavor) when they get bored of the old ones that they may have been eating for weeks, months or even years.

Here are some opinions of dog owners:

“I know for a fact our dogs do get bored of their food. I do a bi-weekly rotation for our dogs. Now they don’t get tired of the food they used to eat. Luckily they don’t have transition issues with their tummies as they are used to it.”

So, this person is sure that her dogs get bored with the same food and chose to feed her dogs two different foods in a rotation which seems to be working well for her.

This other owner has a completely different opinion on this method though.

“If you always feed them the same food , they will never think that there is something else to eat than that food. However , if you give them a treat (meat, chicken , rice etc.) they will stop eating the normal food you gave them so that you feed them the delicious treat. In my case , I have a german sheperd with a huge appetite , he isn’t a fussy eater , whatever you give him he accepts it. I used to have a shih tzu that only eats kibble , but then one member of my family decided to share meat with her , since then she refused to eat dog food and her diet was almost ruined , but I insisted that she only has kibbles , and everything got back to normal.”


It seems that dog owners experience the same thing where their pet enjoys getting some change in their diet and love exploring new foods.

I’ve certainly had the same experience where I give my puppy a new treat like dried meat and they’ll start getting fussy when I give them their regular day to day kibble at mealtimes.

It’s not really a problem though when you only give treats on special occasions like training sessions and walks and stick to the normal kibble for regular food.

My other dog (senior) always has his kibble in his bowl and gets treats throughout the day as well. He’ll usually only go back to eating the kibble when he can’t get anything “better” like dried meat treats.

Sometimes his bowl is at the same level for days and he doesn’t touch it because he gets enough during the day and other times he eats a bit during the evening and sometimes even all of it.

Always when I bring in new food or new kibble he’ll always go for the new instead of the old but that’s because of the nature to want to explore new things.

Puppies will literally stick their noses into any and everything because they want to explore and learn about new things.

But this wasn’t always the case. Wolves don’t have this behavior but are rather cautious when it comes to new things and changes.

Over time, dogs adapted to living with humans. Things in a household can constantly change, children move out, you get new furniture, take your dog on vacation, get a new dog, etc.

Because of this dogs aren’t afraid of change but can rather enjoy it.

When given the choice of a new food that smells completely different and one that he has been eating for months, chances are that he’ll want to explore the new one.

How Do I Make Kibble More Enticing?

If your dog is a fussy eater and doesn’t want to eat his food then you can make it more attractive to him by doing any of these things.

  1. Add some warm water to the kibble. It will bring out the aroma of the food, smell better and your dog may be more enticed to eat it. The food has a different texture which can also be something new and exciting for them. I know that my dog always loves it when I add some water into the bowl.
  2. Add some treats to the mix. Try this one time and see if your dog eats his whole bowl. I don’t recommend doing this to help your dog eat his regular kibble if he only picks out the treats. My dogs tend to always neglect the kibble and go straight for the treats when I try this method but maybe your dog loves the kibble just as much.
  3. Add some wet food to the dry food. This can make the kibble that much more interesting for them because it’s something new. It smells great and fresh and your dog should naturally be more drawn to this. I don’t recommend doing this if your dog is a fast eater. When I gave my pup wet food mixed in with his kibble he didn’t chew at all and just swallowed everything within a minute or two and then guess what vomited it back up. It’ll save you a huge mess if you don’t try this method when you have a fast eater at home.

You can test these methods and see which works best for you and your dog.

The important thing is not to just get a different kibble flavor but you can make the kibble that you already have a totally new experience by just making seem like a totally different food entirely.

How To Introduce A New Food

You can easily introduce a new kibble or wet food to your dog by giving it to him slowly so that his stomach can get used to it.

Just start by mixing in his new kibble with his old and giving him more of the new food every day until he is only eating the new kibble.

This way you can avoid your dog’s stomach getting upset and having to clean up diarrhea and vomit.

Want To Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating?

In Conclusion

Dogs don’t care about the flavor of their food as much as we humans do. They care more about the smell of the food rather than the taste which is why your dog will likely not taste a huge difference if you just switch flavor of dog food but stick with the same brand.

If you want to switch it up you can buy your dog different treats to try out so that they get some different flavors, smells and texture there.


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