Are Yorkshire Terriers Hypoallergenic? (Hair/Fur,Grooming)

My family’s first dog was a Yorkshire Terrier. The question if this dog breed is hypoallergenic played an important role to us.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular hypoallergenic dog breeds. Even though no dog is truly allergy-free the Yorkshire terrier produces less dander (skin flakes) than other dog breeds which usually results in fewer people having reactions to them and they don’t shed.

Hybrids between Yorkshire Terriers and other dogs can often also be more allergy-friendly than other breeds.

Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers should be groomed regularly. We usually get him groomed twice a year, once in the spring when it’s about to get warm and once in autumn so that the snow doesn’t lump to his hair.

If you decide to keep the hair longer I would advise you to brush it quite regularly otherwise it can get very tangled. We get a professional to cut him twice a year for us because he has more experience but you can definitely also do it yourself. The question is just if you’ll be happy with the final result.

We cut the hair on his face and privates more often and without a professional. This because at some part te hair growing into his face makes it hard for him to see and when the hair on his bottom becomes too long parts of his poop get stuck and then you probably have to bathe or wash him to get it out. That’s not really a pleasant task.

Bathing is not really something that needs to be done too regularly. We would usually only bathe him when we went for a walk and it started pouring rain outside and he was already wet and muddy or when he starts smelling but usually about once a month.

If you decide to get his hair cut regularly it’s very low maintenance as you don’t needs to brush him (except for maybe the tail).

If you want to keep the hair length you probably need to bathe your dog more regularly and brush the hair more often as well.

Is a Yorkshire Terrier the right dog for you?

These dogs are very low maintenance. After housebreaking them and teaching them the basic tricks there’s really not much you need to teach them. You can usually leave them at home for long periods of time and they will just sleep and happily welcome you when you get back home. They love to play fetch or run around in a garden or park which also makes it a great dog for older children. Honestly most of the day our Yorkie just sleeps while also sleeping through the night.

If you have a garden your Yorkie would surely sit and run around a lot and protect you and your garden from birds, you know to make sure they don’t harm you. They will be busy for quite a while out there. Yet if you don’t have a garden I’m sure your Yorkie would find a spot where he could look out the window and watch people go by or do some (more) bird watching.

Yorkshire terriers were initially bred to catch mice and rats in mines. They can still be territorial like most terriers and you can train them to embrace this feature or go the other direction.

Yorkies don’t grow very large which means that you don’t really need a garden for them even though they would enjoy being outside in the sun as well. They usually stay very small at around 20 cm and 2 kilograms.

Can Yorkies be left alone at home?

My dog sleeping (Fluffy)

When they are young they will sleep a lot more than when they get older. Puppies can sleep up to 22 hours every day because they need a lot of rest to process all the information and things they learn when they are awake but with time they will sleep fewer hours. Smaller dogs also generally need to sleep more than larger breeds.

You can make sure that your dog sleeps through the night by mentally and physically challenging him throughout the day so that he won’t be awake in the middle of the night and ask you to play with him. You can start easy by house training him and then start teaching him to sit as well as other tricks.

The best way to teach a puppy or young dog is by always staying positive and a lot of treats. I know that I can certainly motivate my dog to do anything with the outlook of treats for a job well done.

Yorkies (or at least mine) are very sweet and love cuddles and scratchies. He can beg sometimes but that’s mostly because he loves getting treats and attention when no-one is home in a while.


I'm Lisa. I grew up with a Yorkshire Terrier, recently got an Aussiedoodle puppy and have learned a lot of things over the many years. I created this website to help you with your puppy and dog-related troubles and share the information I learned about my dogs Fluffy and Teddy.

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